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Winemaking and Alcohol Manufacturers Insurance


Wineries, breweries, and distillers need to be covered for the various industry-specific risks unique to alcohol manufacturers.

Whether you own and operate a winery is overlooking Lake Okanagan, you have a U-Brew in town, or you’re opening the next best brewpub in the valley, the insurance coverage you have for your alcohol manufacturing business could mean the difference between flopping or flourishing.

Small batch, craft alcohol production is all the rage and great new businesses are cropping up all the time. But, regardless of the type of alcohol you manufacture, everything you’ve created could be sidelined, if not destroyed if you haven’t protected yourself and your business with the proper insurance coverage.

Winery Insurance

You work hard to combine the latest technology with old-fashioned craftsmanship to produce quality wines. Whether yours is a family-owned business or already gone global, your wines represent your commitment of time, labour – blood, sweat, and often tears! – not to mention, skill and talent. You’ve invested too much to lose it all.

There is any number of ways a loss to your winery could be incurred. For example:

  • A gondola of estate-grown grapes overturns while in transit.
  • Two varietals are accidentally blended during the winemaking process.
  • A wedding guest slips and falls while dancing on the winery cellar floor.
  • Insecticides applied in the vineyard on a windy day drift onto neighbouring property.
  • As wine-in-process is transferred from a large tank, 5,000 gallons spill to the ground.

Winemaking insurance is specifically designed to protect British Columbia vintners throughout the entire winemaking process from grape growing to market-ready, bottled product.

All risk replacement cost coverage includes buildings, stock, equipment, and farming equipment. Irrigation systems, boilers, and machinery are all items addressed in any package we provide.

Additionally, commercial liability, business interruption coverage, as well as products and completed operations liability (including shipping damages and bottling procedures) are included in our basic policy.

Kelowna Valley Insurance offers scalable solutions to help protect your business, from your oldest vines to your newest packaging. With risk management expertise and products such as alteration of wine, trellis and grapevine coverage, business income insurance and a global protection extension, we are prepared to meet the specialized insurance needs of your winery.

Insurance Considerations specific to Wineries:

In Process Wine Products
Wine Specific Valuations
Vine and Trellis
Collapse of Tanks
Productions and Agricultural Coverage
Crop Insurance
Chemical Drift Liability

Craft Brewery Insurance

In the rapidly growing craft beer industry, independent brewers have to work harder than ever to stand out from the competition. While creating a variety of perfect brews is hard work, choosing the right insurance to protect your brewery shouldn’t be.

Brewery Insurance is essential for any start-up business, small or large, and should be incorporated into your business plan. You need coverage that not only fits your immediate needs but has flexibility to expand seamlessly with your company’s growth.

We can explore tailored insurance coverage for:

Craft Breweries
Tasting Rooms
Special Events
Beer Storage
Retail Sales

Brewery Specific Coverage Considerations:

Tanks & Barrels
Specialized Beer Loss Evaluations
Liquor Liability
Product Withdrawal Expenses
Equipment Breakdown

Distillery Insurance

Distillers in British Columbia face unique challenges compared to other Alcohol Manufacturers as they have to work within the tight government control that shrinks profit margins.

Given the restricting controls on this industry, your distillery needs every advantage it can get, including the right insurance coverage.

More information about Alcohol Manufacturing Operations including Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries can be found on the Government of BC’s Website.

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