Renew Your ICBC Auto Insurance Online

Renew Your ICBC Auto Insurance Online!

ICBC is making buying insurance even easier. Quickly and easily renew your auto insurance online!

Exciting news from ICBC! For policies expiring May 2022, British Columbia drivers can now renew their auto insurance online.

In line with many of the new online options for consumers as a result of the pandemic, ICBC will transition their auto policy renewals online. A long time coming, this is a change that is sure to simplify the lives of many of our customers.

But, while the change is welcome, there are restrictions. Here are a few vital details regarding the new online service:

What insurance coverage can – and cannot – be purchased online?

Generally, according to ICBC, an insurance policy may be eligible for renewal online if it’s a personal policy due to be renewed in less than 44 days (for those policies expiring on or after May 1, 2022). Additionally, there can only be one name listed as owner and they intend to keep the terms of their policy the same.

There are circumstances where an otherwise eligible policy still isn’t approved for online renewal – if the customer has outstanding debt owed to ICBC, for instance.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you’re eligible to renew your auto insurance online, GET IN TOUCH! 

Types of insurance policies cannot be renewed online

There are criteria that will not allow you to renew your auto insurance online:

  • The vehicle is jointly owned
  • Your vehicle is leased
  • Your vehicle is company-owned
  • It’s a motorcycle
  • Yours is a collector vehicle
  • It’s a commercial policy
  • Your policy has expired
  • You need to add, change, or remove your ICBC optional coverages
  • You have outstanding debt owed to ICBC

These are but the most common situations that make a policy ineligible for renewal online. Be aware that there may be other factors that might make you ineligible to renew your auto insurance online.

If you want to renew a policy that is ineligible or if you have further questions, CONTACT US!


Before you renew insurance online – what you need to know

When can I renew my insurance online?

You can renew online as early as 44 days before your policy expires (if it is expiring on or after May 1, 2022). When you opt to renew your insurance online, we recommend getting the ball rolling well in advance of the policy expiry date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just as with the policies you’ve always renewed in person at our office, if you do not complete the renewal of your auto policy BEFORE the expiry date, you will NOT have coverage. There is NO grace period for late insurance renewals.

Take a look at this helpful video about how to renew your auto insurance online.

Can I renew my insurance online any time, any day?

No, you can’t. The system is offline 12 a.m.–5 a.m. for processing and daily system maintenance. You will not be able to log in or complete an insurance renewal during this time.

Can I renew my insurance online if I have optional coverage from another insurance provider?

Yes. BUT only your ICBC coverage will be renewed. You will still need to renew your non-ICBC optional coverage with your other provider. Rather than online, it might be more convenient to renew all at once, in person.

Can I make ANY changes or do anything else once logged in?

In addition to renewing an eligible insurance policy, you can:

  • During your renewal, you can add drivers with a valid B.C. driver’s licence to your policy
  • Select a broker’s office to review your renewal after you’ve purchased your insurance policy

Other than your renewal, you can:

  • Prepare an estimate of changes to your coverage or your listed drivers (or both)
  • View and print your insurance documents
  • Keep up with when your policy expires

Can I purchase a new policy for auto insurance online?

No, you can’t. Nor can you purchase a Temporary Operation Permit online. You also cannot change or cancel an active policy online. Contact your favourite insurance office for more information.​


Do you have other questions about purchasing your auto insurance online? Talk to us – we’ll tell you everything you need to know!