Kelowna Valley Insurance Commercial coverage for sports and fitness businesses

Commercial Insurance for Sports and Fitness Businesses in British Columbia

When your business involves the health and wellness of other people, it’s critical that you have the right commercial insurance to protect yourself and your company.

If you are a personal trainer, gym owner, yoga or dance instructor, coach or any other role involving dance, sport, or fitness, commercial sport and fitness insurance is an absolute must.

If you are a sport or fitness professional, there are any number of reasons someone could file a lawsuit or claim against you or your business. It’s important that you know the risks and that you’re prepared for just about anything to protect yourself and your investment.

Imagine if, after a personal training session, the client files a claim against your employee accusing him of sexual misconduct or abuse. During a session of strength training, the client, who had insisted he could perform another set of bench presses despite the warning of his trainer, injures himself and files a lawsuit alleging negligence or malpractice. The handle of a kettlebell all of a sudden snaps and injures the client using it quite severely and she sues the gym for unsafe equipment.

When it comes to an industry that revolves around the human body and equipment designed to push it beyond limit in many cases, anything can happen. Make sure you’re prepared!

What is commercial insurance for a sports and fitness business?

As you know sports, recreation and fitness clubs, gyms, dance and yoga studios, and other sports facilities and organizations face risks that are quite unique from those of other industries. However, thanks to your extensive training and expertise, you not only help your clients be at their best every day, but you also know how to mitigate many of the risks associated with operating a health and fitness operation.

But, again, anything can happen. Given the nature of the industry, you are exposed to liability in case of real or alleged errors, malpractice or injury.

Commercial sports and fitness insurance coverage provides essential protection should someone claim that an injury or damage to their property was caused by your (or someone in your employ) negligence, oversight, or mistake. Commercial sports and fitness insurance coverage helps you with the cost of defending and settling any such claims.

What common claims do fitness professionals experience? Not surprisingly, many fitness claims pertain to tripping over equipment. Another common claim occurs when clients push beyond their limits, believing they are capable of more than they actually are.

Are there restrictions on fitness or sport commercial insurance? The sport and fitness industry has many categories and the requirements, as well as the restrictions, are going to vary. You have to know who your client is and what clients you can, and more importantly, cannot train. Some common exclusions include professional athletes, minors, and certain types of exercises that typically include aquatic or aerial elements.

Questions about commercial sport and fitness coverage and what it does and does not include? Talk to us!

What does sports and fitness industry insurance cover?

Sports and fitness commercial insurance covers most categories of fitness professionals and gym owners. As you explore what you need, ensure that your coverage includes:

  • Professional Liability (Negligence or errors)
  • Unintentional Breach of Confidentiality
  • Claims of Sexual Harassment or Abuse
  • Sports Accidents
  • Products Liability including Gym Supplements, Sports Equipment

Who needs sports and fitness commercial insurance?

If you make your living as a sport or fitness services practitioner or provider, if you own or manage a gym, training facility, yoga or dance studio, or if you teach on your own, you should consider sport and fitness commercial insurance.

Specific practitioners and businesses that purchase coverage include, but are not limited to:

  • Gyms
  • Training Studios
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Dance studios
  • Zumba Teachers
  • Pilates Studios
  • Martial Arts Academies
  • Sports Leagues
  • Sporting Events

What impacts the cost of sports and fitness commercial insurance?

The cost of your policy will vary according a range of factors, including:

  • Location
  • Operation size
  • Your education and training
  • Years of experience in your field
  • Past insurance claims

Questions about commercial insurance coverage for your sports and fitness business? Talk to us!