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Protect Your Home From Burglary Part 1: Prepare Your Outdoors

The first priority, when it comes to home crime prevention and burglary, is to eliminate any vulnerabilities thereby removing the potential for harm. Not surprisingly, most people are most concerned about their home security at night. But, the evidence reveals that, in fact, most burglaries occur during daytime hours when we’re all at school, work, or […]

Home Disaster – Tips to Help Mitigate Damage

None of us are immune to accidents – even catastrophic ones. There are ways, however, to help you minimize the damage when it comes to home disaster. You only have to watch the evening news or peruse your social media feed, to see what seems a never-ending stream of disasters, tragedies, and environmental apocalyptic predictions […]

Get Ahead of Winter. Winterize Your Home NOW!

Prevent potential winter-related disasters. Winterize your home NOW to ensure your comfort and peace of mind throughout the season. There’s no better time to winterize your home than before the mercury drops. Even though the air is getting a little brisk and the nights are definitely getting colder, it’s still a very easy and pleasant […]

Winemaking and Alcohol Manufacturers Insurance

Wineries, breweries, and distillers need to be covered for the various industry-specific risks unique to alcohol manufacturers. Whether you own and operate a winery is overlooking Lake Okanagan, you have a U-Brew in town, or you’re opening the next best brewpub in the valley, the insurance coverage you have for your alcohol manufacturing business could […]

Renters: Why You SHOULD Have Tenant’s Insurance

If you’re a renter, you should have Tenant’s Insurance to ensure your belongings, as well as your potential liability, is covered! When you aren’t burdened with all the responsibilities of homeownership, it can be easy to overlook certain details when you’re a renter. Even if you’re renting, however, it’s still important to be prepared – expect the […]

Travel Insurance – Even for a Quick Weekend Getaway!

Ensure your peace of mind as you travel – even for a short, weekend getaway to the USA. Get travel insurance! Travel insurance should be at the top of your to-do list when it comes to planning even a quick trip to the United States. A recent report from Allianz Global Assistance Canada (AGAC) suggests […]

How to Limit Risk for Your Business? Practice Loss Prevention

What is the best way to save your business in a crisis? Consider your worst-case scenarios – implement an effective loss prevention plan before it happens! It’s hard to think about the things that could harm or damage your business. But, with so much on the line – your investment of significant time and money – […]

Protect Yourself and Your Home: Practice Loss Prevention

You buy insurance to help keep you, your family, and your home safe. What else can you do? Be proactive, mitigating as much risk as possible, and think loss prevention! Yes, you’ve bought your home insurance to protect your home and most valuable assets. But, if you understand common risks there are steps you can […]

Condominium Insurance Explained

Yes your Condominium or Strata has insurance, but it’s not going to cover you! Here’s what you need to know about condo owners’ insurance. In British Columbia, the word ‘strata’ is synonymous with ‘condominium’. Strata unit ownership is typically defined by the divided by the walls, ceiling and floors within the building and includes any […]